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My Eyebrow-Raising Story 


Even as I write this,  it feels really surreal, because my journey to this point is far from the norm. I've actually been a social worker for the past 15+ years, and while I loved what I did and the people I got to help, I honestly got burned out.  Particularly after the birth of my daughter, all I wanted was to be inspired and immersed in life's beautiful moments.  In an absolute leap of faith, I courageously (some might call it foolishly!) quit social work and embarked on a search for happiness.  After talking to some friends one day about their recent microblading procedures, something clicked  and I knew somehow this was what I wanted to do! I didn't just want to make people beautiful...I realized that, just as I was able to do in social work, I could have a hand in making someone feel confident and empowered. The fact that I can achieve this while having the chance to tap into my first love - art and drawing - is more than I could ever ask for.  You'll see that I'm absolutely driven and passionate in what I do,  and I'm excited to see how high this takes me.   I'll definitely be honored if you join me on this amazing journey, and allow me to help you put your best face forward!


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